Memorials & Donations

Donate to the Henika District Library

Consider giving up one gourmet coffee a month and giving that four or five dollars to the library.  Over a year’s time you could have purchased three or four new titles for the library collection!  Think of it as giving a gift to yourself, your children, or your whole community!  And think of the tax deduction you can take for each dollar you give.

Support your library.  You’ll be glad that you did.


Gently Used Materials

We are able to accept donations of newer used books. They should be clean and not smell. Donations of materials will be evaluated and either added to our collection or passed along to our Friends of the Library group for their annual book sales.


Memorial Donations

In the past families have named the Henika District Library as the recipient of memorial donations. Donations honoring a living loved one are also welcome.  These donations help to add items of special interest to the collection.

Planned Giving

The Henika District Library has been the recipient of several generous gifts provided for in the estates of our patrons.  We encourage anyone who values the place of the Library in the community to include us in your estate planning.